Frequently Asked Questions

Site Visits

When can I come see the venue? 
Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm with our last appointment time being 4:00 pm.

Event Date Availability, Holds, & Booking

Is there an availability calendar online? 
We do not have an availability calendar on the website. We can be contacted via email or phone & would be happy to check available dates for you.

Will the date I inquired about be held for me? 
We only hold dates when requested to do so. A date can be held for a total of 5 consecutive days. If we receive interest in that date during these 5 days, we will notify you and provide a 24-hour period in which the client may drop the hold or move forward with booking.

How do I book a date? 
In order to book a date, we require a deposit (50% of the rental fee) and a signed contract.

Is my deposit refundable? 
Deposits are non-refundable.

What is Included?

What is included within the rental fee? Do you have chairs or tables? Linens?
This information can be found on the Features & Amenities page located on this website. There, you will find a list of all inventory that are included

Do you provide any linens for the tables? 
We do not provide, accept, or place linens.

I see that ceremonies take place on the deck- what if it rains? 
Tent sides are available for rent through local tent companies. These can be added to the ceremony tent if need be.

Catering & Bar

Can I bring in outside catering or bar services? 
All catering & bar services are provided exclusively by Cottage on the Creek.

Is there a food & beverage minimum? 
There is a food and beverage minimum associated with each date. Minimums begin at $4,000 and vary according to day of week & month.

Is the 20% service charge a gratuity? Does the service charge apply towards the food and beverage minimum? 
The service charge is not a gratuity. This charge is a banquet staffing fee. The service charge does not apply toward the minimum.

Event Coordination

Do you have a coordinator? 
We do not provide coordination prior to or the day of your event. Office staff are available Monday-Friday 9-5 to answer any questions pertaining to the venue & catering.

Will you be here the day of my event? 
Office staff are here Monday-Friday 9 to 5. There will, however, be a banquet captain as well as banquet staff who will arrive approximately 3 hours prior to your event for catering preparation.

Venue Ammenities

Can I bring my things in the day before my event? 
We cannot allow anything to be brought in before 9:00 am the day of your event.

Does the venue have a bridal suite? 
We do not have a bridal suite, but we do have a bridal holding room. The holding room is simply a place for dressing, touch-ups, and personal items.

Is there a restroom on-site? 
Yes- we have a separate men’s & women’s bathroom (handicapped accessible) with two stalls each.

Is your venue handicapped-accessible? 
Yes- all of our venues are handicapped accessible.

Wedding Rehearsals

Can we have a rehearsal at the venue the day before our event? 
Yes. If there is an event the day prior to your event, we require that your rehearsal take place in the morning and conclude no later than noon. If there is no event the day prior (which will be unknown until 1 month before your event), the rehearsal may take place at any time.


May we bring in any vendors or our choice?

A Any insured vendors may be contracted for any aspect of events with the exception of catering and bar services. We do provide a preferred vendor list for your convenience (located in bottom website menu.)

May we bring in a band? 
Bands are certainly allowed, however, we do not provide any extra space or accommodations for them. If you choose to feed any vendors, we do provide vendor meals as an addition to your catering.


Can I bus my guests in to the venue? 
We do allow any 30-passenger or less shuttles, trolleys, or vans. 

Onsite Ceremonies

Can I transition the ceremony space to reception space following the ceremony? 
You may certainly flip the ceremony space, but our staff is unable to direct or execute the transition. The renter is fully responsible for the moving of materials and transition of the space.

What are the rules for ceremony music? 
Ceremony music is allowed. It is typically soft, low background music. We do not, however, provide any type of amplification for the music or Officiant.
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